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Ben Lucas

Ben Lucas is an award winning emerging artist. His paintings have a graceful and evocative presence and have been exhibited in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Artist Statement

I paint from memory, drawing on time spent watching the changing moods of the ocean and the play of light over and into its surface. Using a variety of tools and brushes I freely manipulate the paint on the canvas until I feel that the painting is complete. This can be over a period of weeks as I layer fresh paint over the dry surface. I’m always looking for a sense of immediacy in the work and try to avoid overworking the paintings – sometimes knowing when to stop is the hardest thing. In my view the paintings are a success when they hold a dramatic energy and sense of movement while at the same time carrying a peaceful quiet presence. It’s this tension between these two contrasts that I find so fascinating.

When asked what I paint I sometimes find myself describing my paintings as emotional landscapes, which is to say that they draw on feelings and memories inspired by life as well as the natural world that I gain such inspiration from



2017 Kit and Ace Q1 Art Wall Exhibition Feb/March/April – Brisbane

2016 Kit and Ace Q4 Art Wall Exhibition Nov/Dec/Jan – Brisbane

2013 Taste of Art – Noosa Regional Gallery

2012 Alan Reading Memorial Art Awards

2009 Face to Face Exhibition – COCA – Christchurch, NZ

2008 Chelsea Arts Club – London, UK

2004 Christmas Exhibition Burton Art Gallery – UK


2012 Alan Reading Memorial Art Prize: First prize – contemporary painting

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