Stevens Street Gallery

Graeme Altmann

Artist Statement

I work with the landscape. Born on the South Coast of Victoria in the coastal town of Warrnambool, my inspiration has been driven by my love and fear of the sea. I observe its power and its subtleties, its effects and influences. In my paintings and sculpture I explore the themes of stability and change: of our human need to strive for new ground, while often suffering a sense of loss and displacement as we transition through life.




2014   Libby Edwards Gallery Melbourne ( November )

2014   Qdos Gallery.   Lorne Victoria ( March)

2013   Qdos Gallery.   Lorne Victoria

2012   45 Downstairs. Melbourne 

2012   Qdos Gallery.   Lorne Victoria

2011   Artmelbourne.  Melbourne exhibition centre.

2010   Axia Modern Art. Melbourne.

2009   Axia Modern Art. Melbourne.

2008   Axia Modern Art. Melbourne.

2007   Mary’s Place Gallery. Sydney.

2006   Marlene Antico Fine Art. Sydney.

2005   Flinders Lane Gallery. Melbourne.

2004   Flinders Lane Gallery. Melbourne.

2003   GreenHill Gallery. Adelaide.

2002   BH Gallery Sydney.

2001   Flinders Lane Gallery Melbourne.

2000   Flinders Lane Gallery Melbourne.

1998   Coventry Gallery Sydney.

1997   Coventry Gallery Sydney.

1996   Coventry Gallery Sydney.

1994   Warrnambool Art Gallery.


2013 Paddington art prize. Finalist

2013 Manyung Gallery  Sorrento Victoria 

2012 ANL art prize. Finalist

2012 Qdos Gallery. Lorne Victoria.

2010 Axia Modern Art.

2010 Axia Modern Art.


Pan Continental Mining Collection. Sir William Dobell Art Foundation.

Crown Casino. Embassy of Switzerland. ArtBank. University of Technology NSW.

Warrnambool Art Gallery. ANZ. National Australia Bank. Swiss Ree. PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Australia Post. Telstra.  


2013   Paddington art prize

2005   Mission to Seafarers. (Winner)

1995   Residency, Arthur Boyds ‘Shoalhaven Studio’ .NSW.

1994   Cultural Association of the Western Plains and South Coast.(Winner)


2013 Vogue living July/August.

2000 Australian Painting 1788 – 2000 Bernard Smith. Oxford University Press.

1998 Inside Melbourne. Issue no 32

1996 Images Three. Art in Australia( edited by Neville Drury)

1995 Tuuram – Australian Council for the Arts

1994 Images Two. Art in Australia (edited by Neville Drury)

1993 Images in Australian Contemporary art (edited by Neville Drury)

1993 Australian Art Investor vol 4

1991 New Art Five


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