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Ann Howie

Ann Howie makes paintings which interpret urban and domestic environments, describe and create coastal approaches and record still lives. Her landscape paintings are created by organising fragments remembered from nowhere in particular but somewhere very familiar. The west coast of Victoria and East Gippsland are favourite places.  These paintings are highly patterned, evocative and active, while her small studio studies of kelp, sponge, shell and Banksia cone are intimate, animated and personal, akin to small portraits. Her smaller works also track to her interest in still life and the large-scale paintings endeavour to capture some of the majesty of our environment in the depiction of the beauty found in the scrub, grasses and shabby variations of undergrowth.

Artist Statement

“Undertaking landscape painting can be a contradictory experience. At first there is a deep connection to place, then developing a practice to create an authentic and personal visual language to convey that experience, takes many years. It is often about closeness and distance: the close sensory experiences of being in the country, on the beach, then the artificial distance created when the sketches, photos and small paintings are brought back to the studio where the experience is reimagined and the physicality of painting begun. “



Ann has been painting since 1978 when she studied at Prahran College of Advanced Education. She was a founding member of Roar Studios in the late 1970s and 1980s and has held numerous solo and group shows. She has worked in community arts and youth projects and recently completed a community arts project at Kangan TAFE working with students to create a 60 meter fence for a new youth housing project. She facilitates drawing workshops at her studio space in Flemington which she shares with her potter husband.


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