Stevens Street Gallery

Chris Beaumont

Christopher “Chris” Beaumont, is an Australian still life painter, influenced by Spanish masters of the early 17th century particularly Juan Sánchez Cotán and Francisco de Zurbarán.

Artist Statement

I’m drawn to the Spanish still life paintings of the early Seventeenth Century and the still life paintings of Goya who comes later. The works take a lot of time as I essentially redraw the objects over and over again until they start to carve out some space of their own and acquire their own chemistry. I work in a traditional method with oils on prepared linen but I’m aiming for the look of a back-lit computer screen. This sets up a tension with the painterly surface of the canvas. This is the digital age and the digital camera and Photoshop are tools of production along with drawing & carefully scaled gridding in chalk before under-painting in lead white on a burnt sienna ground. The objects are slowly modelled in opposing glazes to create a sense of three-dimensionality.


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