Helen Shadforth (Minty Baxter)

I’m Helen Shadforth, an artist living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. For the past 20 years I have been a successful graphic designer working both in Australia and abroad before going on to start my own design house. In recent years I have decided to step back from commercial design so I can fulfil my creative desires and concentrate on my own works. I can break free of the restrictions that the commercial world has and am now able to create pieces that are completely me with full freedom to explore.

I have been a creative for as long as I can remember – always doodling, sketching, painting and creating. I consider myself lucky to have a career doing what I love and to have an audience who enjoys and can connect with my work.

I am an intuitive artist and also a Reiki Master. Most of my work begins with no set plan, I let the energy flow and see where it takes me and my brush! I also infuse Reiki energy into my pieces, so the connection is deeper and the pieces find the right person.

My inspiration comes a lot from nature, animals and people who surround me. I love to use patterns, colour and symbolism to tell stories and speak to the subconscious but also to bring beauty, happiness and a sense of calm.

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