Jacqueline Sanderson

I am a multimedia artist based in Coolum. My current practice is hand building vessels with gritty clays (Rakus). I also hand sculpt with clay/paper blends, wheel throw black clay vessels, work two dimensionally with paint and chalk, and, ephemerally with recycled paper pulp combined with other natural elements. Colour and light of the natural environment inspires me, and I am motivated by art for social change.

I respect artists who share culture while challenging social conditioning and misrepresentations of race, such as Bianca Beetson, Vernon Ah Khee, Tony Albert and Ben Quilty. And I value the techniques of First Nations artists who use colour to explore spaces, and their relationship with it, such as Sally Gabori, Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Minnie Pwerle.

In terms of my own practice, as a second-generation Sri Lankan-Australian, my art is a discourse in cultural heritage, identity, the nuanced migrant experience, and notions of “belonging to a place”. To consider the self in a place, I explore the natural surrounds, examine colour, light, and form, then reinterpret these elements at my makers table, with clay, paint, or glazing. My creative practices facilitate and relate to understanding and shaping the self in spaces of “otherness”.

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    Adder Rock

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