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Karan Hayman

Karan Hayman’s art practice focuses mainly on drawing, painting and printmaking.

Hayman lives and works on a small farm near Kyneton in Central Victoria. The surrounding landscape and what Hayman describes as “endless sky’s” have dominated and inspired her recent works.

Hayman’s Paintings are an exploration and reflection of both her personal environment and experiences. Her carefully structured canvases are distinguished by their highly personalized and often surreal and whimsical approach. The works are palpably sensual. Flowing seascapes and landscapes ambiguous in an arresting and mysterious yet always warmly lyrical way.

“Hayman’s response to the landscape is an aesthetic one imbued with the sensitivity of an artist who feels the landscape as much as sees it”

Dr Ashley Crawford Arts writer and author of a number of books on Australian artists including “Directory of Australian Art” Craftsman House 2006

Hayman Studied Fine Art at RMIT and went on to found and establish Roar Studios one of Melbourne’s first artist –run gallery and studio spaces, which opened in 1982 while Hayman was still at Art School. Hayman completed Post Graduate studies at RMIT in 1992

Hayman has held several solo exhibitions in Australia including Tokyo and has been represented in numerous group exhibitions in cities around Australia and Tokyo. Hayman’s work is held in the collections of the Australian National Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Bank, New Parliament House, Myer Collection, Gadens Sydney, Sangi Collection Tokyo and numerous private collections in Australia, Europe, Japan and USA.



1959 Born Melbourne

1980-82 Diploma of Fine Art, P.I T Melbourne

1982 Founding Member, Roar Studios, Melbourne

1983 Travelled Europe

1987 Living and Working in Kyneton, Victoria

1989 Travelled Italy, England and Japan

1992 Post Graduate Diploma of Fine Art, R.M.I.T.

1995 Living and Working in Melbourne

2002 Travelled Woomera for Anti Nuclear Exhibition

2003 Travelled Japan

2013 Moved to Kyneton

2014 Travelled Japan


2017 Sentio, Stevens Street Gallery, Yandina, Qld

2002 Heartlands Paintings, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne

1999 Paintings, The Continental Café, Melbourne

1998 Interludes, Paintings, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne

1992 Paintings, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne

1990 Paintings, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne

1989 Paintings, Gallery Zenta, Tokyo

1988 Paintings, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne

1983 Roar Studios Melbourne


2017 Photos by Martin Kantor, Art by subjects. Brightspace, Melbourne

2016 Artists for Kids Culture Trust, Brightspace, Melbourne

Franque, Melbourne

2015 Franque, Melbourne

2014 Karan Hayman and Mark Howson, Sangi Collection.

40 Year Company Celebrations.  Tokyo, Japan.

2013 Spring Salon Franque Gallery, Melb

Winter Salon Franque Gallery, Melb

2012 Two By Four, Salt Gallery, Queenscliff

Artists For Kids Culture, Brightspace, Melb

10 Years Brightspace Gallery , Melb

Roar Show, Art Images Gallery, Adelaide

2011 Roar Reviewed 30 Years On, Melb

Artists for Kids Culture Trust, Brightspace , Melb

Seven Seas,Salt Gallery, Queenscliff, Vic

2010 Brightspace Gallery, Melb                                                                

2009 Brightspace Gallery, Melb

2008 Art Fair Melbourne, Melb

2007 Etchings,Port Jackson Press, Melb

2005 Artists’ Garden Show, Melbourne

Artists for Kids Culture Trust Exhibition, Melbourne

2004 Artists for Kids Culture Trust Exhibition, Melbourne

2003 Paintings, Michael Carr Gallery, Sydney

2002 ‘Secret Country’ Gould Galleries, Melbourne

‘Erotica Today’ Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne

2001 ‘Roar Again’ Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne

Metro 5 Christmas Show, Metro 5 Gallery, Melb

2001 ‘My Room’ Crown Casino, Melbourne

2000 John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Art Gallery

‘We Are Australian’ Touring Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide,

Perth, Brisbane etc

Contempory Art Prize, Williamstown

‘The Art of Saving Lived’ Sothebys, Melbourne

1999 Artists for Kids Culture Trust Exhibition, Melbourne

1998 Kyneton Art Fair, Kyneton

1997 ‘The Melbourne Group’ Coventry Gallery, Sydney

Nillumbik Art Award, Eltham

‘Roar 15 Years’ Roar Studios, Melbourne

Darebin La Trobe Art Prize, Melbourne

1996 Working Art Prize, Steps Galley, Melbourne

Celebration of the Horse, KDRT, Kyneton

Artists for Kids Culture Trust Exhibition, Melbourne

‘Paintings’ Vosti House, Melbourne

1995 ‘Works on Paper’ Kyneton Collection Exhibition, Kyneton

Greenpeace ‘Non – Artists against Nuclear Testing’ Ether Ohnnetitel, Melbourne

1994 1st Annual Kyneton Collection, Kyneton

‘Six Women Artists’ Art Center, Kyneton

Prime Painting Prize, Newcastle Regional Art Gallery and Touring Orange Regional and Tamworth Regional Gallery

1993 R.M.I.T. Post Graduate Exhibition, Monash Studios, Collingwood Melb

Kyneton Art Fair, Kyneton Racetrack, Kyneton

Robb Street Gallery, Bairnsdale

The Mill Exhibition, Kyneton

1992 ‘Roar Studios Touring Exhibition’ Heide Park & Art Gallery Touring  Shepparton Art Gallery, Benalla Art Gallery and Ballarat Art Gallery

ROAR 82-83 NOW

9 Roar Artists, William Mora Gallery

“10 Square Works for Wilderness” Linden Gallery Melb

1991 Works on Paper, William Mora Gallery, Melb

‘Seven Roar Artists-Ten Years On’Gallery 2, Launceston                            

1990 ‘Works On Paper’ William Mora Gallery Melbourne

‘Greenpeace Benefit Exhibition’, Linden Gallery, Melbourne

‘Artists Against Animal Experimentation’, Deutcher Gallery, Melbourne

1989 ‘Australian Art’ Caz Gallery, Los Angeles

Heidleberg And Heritage 9×5, Linden Gallery, Melbourne

Gtoup show Robb St Gallery, Bairnsdale

Preview 1990, William Mora Gallery, Melbourne

1988 ‘A New Generation’ Phillip Morris Arts Grant Purchases 1983-88 Australian National Gallery, Canberra

‘Work from the Studio’ Coventry Gallery, Sydney

‘Group Show’ William Mora Galleries, Melbourne

1987 ‘Colour 1’ Coventry Gallery, Sydney

1986 ‘A First Look’ recent purchases, Drill Hall, Australian National Gallery, Canberra

‘Colour 2’ Coventry Gallery, Sydney

‘Winter Collection’ Rhumbarellas, Melbourne

1986 Drawings’ Coventry Gallery, Sydney

1985 ‘Raw Reality’ Realities Gallery, Melbourne

1985 ‘The Melbourne Group’ Coventry Gallery, Sydney

Drawing Exhibition Coventry Gallery, Sydney

1984 Group Show, Roar Studios, Melbourne

1983 ‘Two Person Show’ Roar Studios, Melbourne

Group Show, Roar Studios, Melbourne

1982 Opening Exhibition, Roar Studios, Melbourne

Roar Studios Almost Christmas Show, Roar Studios, Melb

1981 Benefit Exhibition for Roar Studios, Green Street Studios, Melbourne


Art Bank; Australian National Gallery Canberra; National Gallery of Victoria; New Parliament House Canberra; Myer Collection; Gadens Collection; Shire of Kyneton; Sangi Collection Tokyo; and private collections in Australia, Japan, Europe and USA


2011 Six Large Works for Asia Pacific P/L

1986 Phillip Morris Arts Grant, Restaurant Murals, Australian National Gallery


1985 Dynamite Stores, Melbourne & Sydney


2011 ‘Roar Reviewed’ 30 Years On, Denise Morgan, Macmillan Publishing

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1982 ‘Roar Something to Shout About’ The Age-Weekender

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