Magali Feuga

Originally from France, Mag has settled down on the Sunshine Coast in 2019.

Her father was an accomplished painter and his love for art was fully instilled into her from a very young age.
By growing up in an artistic environment, creativity is simply something natural and instinctive to her. She uses painting as a way to escape reality as much as to communicate and connect with others.
After studying in art school, it took a 20-year career as a private Chef to be able to put her passion back in the place it needed to be and finally pursue her dream.

Freedom being a crucial component of her life and art practice, her work is in constant evolution. Exploring and experimenting without boundaries to create unique and eclectic artworks, guided by her current feeling and inspirations.

Her work celebrates both people and visual aesthetic with influences from Pop and Street art, as well as Contemporary figurative and Abstract.
Her endless curiosity allows her to use different methods and techniques and the final visual result is more of an intuitive approach and is determined by the subject and what feels aesthetically right.

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