Matthew Lyndon Armstrong

My work connects me to the beauty and simplicity of the Australian landscape influenced from my
childhood growing up in and around Dubbo New South Wales. Now living and working in Brisbane
and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, my paintings centre on various mark making techniques; using
brushwork, palette knife, rough charcoal, acrylic and ink lines, to suggest landscape movements,
patterns, changing light and shadows.

In addition to my art centering on abstract expression in landscapes my mark making has further
morphed into surrealist seascapes, experimenting with chalk, pastels and watercolours. It has also
included interpreting my ideas onto paper, lino prints and through clay work with ceramic tiles.

My art making is a personal journey of discovery. My hope is that in sharing my paintings that they
bring joy and an inspiration to think differently about our shared environment.

  • $600

    Tidal Flow – Pumicestone Passage’

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