Myree Oakley-Smith

Myree Oakley-Smith artwork is full of colour, joy, movement, texture, and through the chaos you find harmony.

Myree is trying to navigate her external and internal worlds through the medium of acrylic paint. After being a committed professional Registered Nurse, Myree found herself physically restricted from the career she loved. The endless days on the lounge rolled on into one long recovery period only to find that her new normal did not include being a nurse any longer.

Que the cliché scene, Myree found her life’s passion in her lowest days and that passion has pulled her up into a creative world that she never knew was missing, but now cites as being an integral part of her being.

Through painting the colourful abstract landscapes that she is known for, Myree explores her physical and mental pain, the world around her, the Australian bush in regional New South Wales in which she grew up in and how art has fed her soul. Gazing at Myree’s artwork you will feel a sense of knowing and peace, her colour work is a representation of the crazy world we live in, yet in that world you can exhale, wash away the dust of daily living and enrich your soul.

You’ll find owning an artwork of Myree’s will bring you and your family such joy and make your house a home.

  • $490

    Duende (the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person)

  • $490

    Querencia (a place where one feels safe)

  • $490

    Cynefin (where nature feels right and welcoming)

  • $990

    Abditory (a place into which you can disappear)

  • $790

    Disenthrall (set free)

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