Nikki Ellis

Nikki can’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating, refurbishing, decorating or painting something! With a background in Interior Decorating and Visual Merchandising within the Furniture, Interiors and Homewares Industry, her large- scale ‘decorator art’ has been displayed and sold in furniture stores throughout
Melbourne and Sydney for over 20 years.

Now working from a rainforest retreat in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland she has found her niche in creating ‘quirky floral’ art. Whilst her forms are somewhat
abstract, her application is deliberate and finely detailed. Her method encapsulates negative space painting over layers of textured colour, where the images are gradually revealed.

Her work reflects her fascination with the uniformity of design in nature -patterns replicated in botanicals, in sea and on land. The same patterns that humans have
reproduced in their home embellishments.

Artist Statement

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