Serban Streza

Originally from Romania, Serban is trained as a building services engineer with multiple secondary qualifications in IT, Computer added design, Project management to name a few. Serban moved to Australia in 2010 to manage the complex building services when Gold Coast Hospital was build and later on he did the same for the state of art Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Serban always had a passion for photography but he also finds relaxation and a new love in drawing. From sophisticated pipes and cables configuration to millions of lines and angles involved in drawing and shading the human body was a big leap, but the precision, accuracy and the analytical eye helped him to construct and embrace the new chalange. He meticulously manipulates pencils or pastels to create intricate drawings that still maintain an element of freshness and look effortlessly laid on paper or board. Serban’s art works are a celebration of female form and body. They also explore and analyse the relation between body and identity.

Serban’s works are in private collections in Romania, Australia, New Zealand and UAE.

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